Truths About St. Patrick’s Day Traditions to Get You into the Spirit of the Holiday

Learn about these popular St. Patrick’s Day traditions.

Don your finest green and enjoy a hot plate of corned beef and cabbage. It’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Full of rich history, St. Patrick’s Day has become a tradition celebrated across the world. From shamrocks and leprechauns to corned beef and cabbage, check out where a few of your favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions originate. Here’s what you need to know about St. Patrick’s Day.


The shamrock is a hallmark of St. Patrick’s Day traditions. This little green plant has a long history when it comes to Ireland. The shamrock was originally a sacred plant revered by the Celts as it symbolized the coming of spring. The plant then evolved to represent Irish nationalism in the 17th century when English rule was protested. The shamrock represented Irish pride and resistance against the British rule.


The fabled story about leprechauns and their pot of gold is one that we know well. Leprechauns are just one of the many creatures found in Irish folklore. These little guys, named after the Celtic “lobaircin,” are known to be impish little fellows that like to play tricks on unsuspecting civilians.

Corned Beef & Cabbage.

When celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, corned beef and cabbage has become a staple dish. However, the dish has roots on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Traditional fare served on St. Patrick’s Day was bacon and cabbage. However, it was cheaper for Irish immigrants to use corned beef than bacon, and so the tradition was born.

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