What to Consider Before Getting a Pool

You may be considering getting a pool, especially as the weather gets warmer. But before making this decision, here’s what you need to know before installing a pool:

1. Zoning Laws

Before getting started, understand the zoning ordinances required for installing a swimming pool. Make sure that you are compliant with maintenance and liability laws.

2. Insurance of the Pool

It’s worthwhile to check to see if you have enough insurance to cover a swimming pool. Contact your insurance provider to see if you can extend your home insurance policy to accommodate the pool. Ask about liability coverage in case of any accidents.

3. Money

Review your budget to decide the type and size of the pool. In-ground pools cost more than above-ground pools. And, the expenses don’t end at installation; maintenance and repair increase the costs significantly. By building a pool, understand that you will be making a long-term investment.

4. Kids

One basic fact that many homeowners tend to overlook before installing a pool is the safety of their kids. There’s a cause for concern since drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children aged 1-4. If you have small kids at home, teach them how to swim.

5. Maintenance and Use

If you plan on using the pool only occasionally and don’t want to get caught up in high costs and frequent cleaning, opt for fiberglass or vinyl-lined pools. A concrete pool works best if you want a more durable option and can easily fit its maintenance in your schedule.

6. Type of the Ground

An important tip for cutting costs on your pool is to check the type of ground you are planning to build it on. If the ground is rough, too sandy, or rocky, the cost of installation can be high.

These are some tips for homeowners who are considering installing pools. Getting a pool is a major financial decision, so make sure your policy covers it. Contact the experts at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in Texas and determine your home insurance needs today.