Windshield Safety: The Vision Of The Future

Your auto insurance and (surprise!) your windshield will promote safety on the road.  

When you think about your car’s safety features, what comes to mind? Your airbags? Your fenders? The frame? While all of these qualities will definitely help keep you safe if you experience a collision on the road, you may be surprised that there’s another important safety feature you might be looking right past – or through.

There have been serious improvements made on the windshields of today, and windshield safety is going to quickly come into the common vernacular. Here are a few ways you can look for your windshield to protect you!

  • Today’s windows are using less glass (making them more eco-friendly) but are stronger than they ever were before.
  • Developers are working on a windshield system that would render wiper blades obsolete. This new system would rely on high-frequency sound waves to consistently and completely clear your windshield of water.
  • More smart thinking could also reduce your need for sunglasses! A tech startup is working on creating windshield glass that could be lightened or darkened with a switch.
  • Heads-up displays, which show important information (e.g. your speed) directly on windshield glass, are already appearing in some cars. Their use will only be expanded in coming years.
  • Windshield technology is being developed to alert drivers to coming hazards, from weather to pedestrians in the road.

As improvements are made to your windshield, is your auto insurance provider making improvements to your coverage? To connect with a team that values your protection on and off the road, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. We will team up with our carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance to provide you with the right Texas policy to keep you safe from financial burden.