Advice to Drive Safely at Night

The winter months, with their long hours of darkness, are a challenge to drivers.  Colder weather brings more potential hazards, such as icy roads and poor visibility. 

Deaths from traffic incidents are three times greater during the night than in daylight.  Following these tips can help you drive safely in the dark:

1.  Prep your vehicle.  Inspect and clean all lights and windows at least weekly.

2.  Don’t mix drinking and driving.  Alcohol consumption is a major cause of nighttime accidents.

3.  Steer clear of smoking.  Nicotine and carbon monoxide reduce night vision.

4.  Start using headlights at dusk.  Make it easier for other drivers to see you.

5.  Reduce speed and lengthen following distance.  Don’t overdrive your headlights. 

6.  Use low headlight beams.  Don’t risk blinding an oncoming driver.

7.  Take rest breaks.  Make pit stops, get some exercise and enjoy light snacks.

8.  Switch to night driving mode at sundown.  Changing amounts of light make it very difficult to see at twilight.

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