Are Your Car or Truck Customizations Covered?

Many people like to put their own personal stamp on their cars and trucks. Some take little steps like putting family stick-figures on their rear window, others take bigger steps like customizing the sound system.

Still others go full on in the process, buying custom rims and tires, dynamic tail-lights, booming stereos, deep tinted windows and even custom interiors. These custom equipment projects can sure make a vehicle stand-out and make it unique. They can also be costly.

There is a hidden problem with some of these customizations. The fact is unless your auto insurance policy is endorsed for that equipment, it will not be properly covered. That means the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars spent in customizing your car or truck is at risk every time you hit the highway. This includes pickup truck bed liners, tool boxes, flared panels and chrome.

If you have invested in customizations to your vehicle, you will want to make sure they are covered. Contact your auto insurance representative, or feel free to contact us at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. From custom classics to the latest luxury CRVS, we can find you the right coverage at the right price.

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