Eliminating Distracted Driving On The Open Roads

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Tips For Eliminating Your Dangerous Habits Behind The Wheel

Staying focused while driving is often easier said than done, especially due to our technological dependence today. However, distracted driving has proven to rise on the charts as one of the most deadly driving habits. Rather than allowing distractions to get the best of you, consider these helpful tips for eliminating distractions:

  • Rather than allowing yourself to get frustrated with your driving soundtrack in the middle of your route put your favorite playlist on before getting on the roads. This will ensure that you have the right tunes for your ride so you will not have to fidget to play something better.
  • NEVER use your cell phone behind the wheel, unless you have a wireless Bluetooth device connected. The last thing you want is to cause a major accident because you were preoccupied on a phone call or texting someone. If you find yourself tempted to answer a text message whenever you are behind the wheel, put your phone in the backseat where it cannot become available to you, no matter what.
  • If you are traveling to an unfamiliar destination, it is best to put the address into your navigation before you start driving. Many accidents are caused by the negligence of others trying to enter the appropriate address at the last minute. Plan ahead so that you do not have to change courses abruptly and dangerously.
  • One of the biggest problems of today’s society is our youth’s texting habit. Since teen drivers are already more susceptible to collisions on the road, their deadly habits of texting and driving on the roads are making for unnecessary accidents. If you are welcoming a teen driver into the world, it is important that you install a device on their phone or car that eliminates texting abilities once the car is in motion.

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