Learn How These Home Insurance Credits Can Benefit You

Find out what you need to know about home insurance credits.

Keeping your home secure is a top priority. The safer you keep your home, the better able you are to save on your homeowners insurance. When you take steps to keep your home as safe as can be, you’re eligible for home insurance credits. These credits help you save money on your policy. Check out what you need to know about these home insurance credits.

Home Updates.

Making updates to your home can help to keep your home safer, and in turn, can help you save on your home insurance credits. Ensure that you stay up on routine maintenance and make the necessary updates so that your home stays secure. For example, updating your home’s wiring can reduce the risk of house fires and give you home insurance credits.

Benefits of Your HOA.

When you live in a close-knit community, you look out for one another. If you belong to a homeowners association, you may qualify for home insurance credits. Insurers often know that HOAs have security patrols that can keep an eye on your property.

Quit Smoking.

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. However, smoking can also be dangerous when it comes to your home. Smoking is one of the top causes of house fires. Therefore, as a smoker, your home insurance rates increase. Help to keep your rates low when you quit smoking.

When it comes to your home, it’s important that you’re well protected. Check out these home insurance credits and invest in the right homeowners insurance. Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in North Texas. We’ll work to get you the right coverage from one of our carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance so you can rest easy with excellent protection.