Captive or Independent? The Choice is Yours!

Insurance buyers may not be aware that insurance agencies come in two broad categories. They are either captive agencies or independent agencies. Where your insurance agent falls will have an effect on your insurance coverage and your premiums.

Let’s take a quick look.

Captive agents are agents that work for one insurance company. They are under contract with that single company and can only represent their products. Many times these are great agents and the products they sell may even be competitive, but the challenge is, they cannot offer alternative products. Not even if it could save their client’s money.

Independent Agencies on the other hand, represent multiple companies. They are not bound to a single insurance brand. This gives independent agencies an opportunity to look across company lines for the best coverage and price for a particular situation. For example, one company may offer the best price on auto insurance while another may excel at homeowners’ coverage. An independent agency can help you select individual products from individual companies to best suit your needs.

Mike Leonard Insurance is an Independent Insurance agency, and we invite you to see the difference. Contact us or visit us online for a free quote. We think you’ll agree with us that choices and options are a good thing!