Common Things Your Homeowners Insurance May Not Cover

Believe it or not, a homeowners insurance policy may not be all-inclusive. There are certain things that, although they pertain to your home or property, may not be covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy.

For instance, outdoor recreational items like swimming pools and trampolines may not be covered in your policy. Another common exclusion are dog bites and attacks. Certain breeds are considered “high-risk” and owning such a breed may cause the insurer to deny a claim for canine related injuries. Other things your homeowners insurance may not cover include expensive jewelry, rare, collectible items (like artwork), furs and firearms.

Just because certain items are not covered by a standard policy, does not mean that they are uninsurable. Generally, a rider providing the necessary coverage can be added to your policy. Mike Leonard Insurance Agency can help you with your special insurance needs. We can evaluate your current policy and advise you if it covers any specialty items you may have. If not, we can find you get a policy that will. Contact us today.