Car Insurance Claims: Can You File Too Many in One Year?

Car insurance can help you during an accident because it covers the damages to your vehicle. Sometimes, you may need to file several claims in a year. However, you need to know how many claims you can file in a year to decide accordingly.

How Many Times Can We Claim Car Insurance?

Insurance companies don’t limit the number of claims as long as your reasons are genuine. However, you need to be careful with at-fault incidents, as you have specific limits to filing claims in such incidents.

If you have more than two at-fault insurance claims in three years, either your insurance rate will be increased, or you will be unable to renew your policy.

What Happens When You Make Multiple Claims?

You can make multiple car insurance claims in a year for accidents that weren’t your fault. However, you’ll still need to pay the deductible.

The amount of the deductible depends on your policy and needs to be paid for every claim regardless of the cost of repair. Remember that your premium amount may rise every time you claim.

Some insurers are likely to ignore your first accident as part of the accident forgiveness policy. Most auto insurance policies come with this forgiveness coverage. However, it’s best to check your policy and get this coverage added if it’s not there. Also, you may need to pay extra to get it added to your policy.

Types of Insurance Claims

Insurance companies have a system to categorize your claims.

  • At-Fault Claims:If an accident is your mistake, your carrier will have to cover the damage of the other party’s vehicle. As a result, you may expect your car premium to rise.
  • Not At-Fault Claims:If someone else is responsible for the accident, there is no impact on your insurance.
  • Comprehensive Claims:It covers theft, vandalism, storm damage, or fire damage, but does not impact your premium rates.

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