Maintenance Tips for Rarely Used Cars

Your car is a costly investment, and leaving it idle and unused for a long time can result in maintenance problems. You can take care of your rarely driven car by following these steps.

Clean and Cover Your Car

Before you store your car, ensure that you clean it properly. Make sure there is no leftover food or drink inside, as they may encourage the growth of mold and pests. You can use a car freshener to avoid that stale car smell.

Double-check if all the windows and doors are closed before storing your car. This will minimize dust and prevent insects from entering your car. Cover your car to protect its paint from the outside elements, including the sun, storm, and rain.

Regular Upkeep

You are instructed to service your car every 10,000 miles or six months to avoid performance issues. However, if you do not use your car for an extended period, make sure to get it serviced based on the time, not mileage.  Even when your vehicle is not used for a long period, the engine oil will age with time. To avoid this, you should service your car every few months as instructed in your manufacturer’s manual.

Maintain the Battery

Take out the battery before leaving your car idle for a long time and store it in a cool and dry place. Another option is to buy a trickle charger or a main power switch for greater convenience.

Use the Car Every Few Days

The best way to avoid long-term maintenance issues is to use your car every few days. An occasional drive around the neighborhood will allow the fluids to move and keep your car lubricated, thereby reducing the chances of rust build-up and other performance issues.

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