10 Tips to Control Road Rage

controlling road rage

Whether you are speeding because your alarm didn’t go off or a loved one is in need of immediate medical attention, it is important that you continue following safe driving habits and avoid road rage. We have all been in a situation that causes us to get angry at other drivers on the road and drive erratically. However, it is important that we learn how to manage these aggressive tendencies. Consider the following 10 tips to control your anger on the road:

  1. Safety first! Remind yourself that getting in an accident due to road rage will only prolong the time you get to your destination further.
  2. If you feel yourself starting to get angry while driving, concentrate on your breathing. Maintain a normal breathing pattern by focusing on taking deep breaths and releasing them.
  3. If someone else is taking their anger out on you on the road, remember that they may be in a trying position and in a rush for a “good” reason.
  4. Remind yourself that it is not your job to punish other people for their poor driving.
  5. Refuse to allow a stranger on the road to manipulate your mood. You will likely never see this person again, so why does their driving and attitude matter so much to you?
  6. If you are feeling especially aggressive, pull over and calm yourself down.
  7. Refrain from cutting off other drivers on the road, even if they have done something wrong.
  8. Refrain from tailgating another driver. This is not only rude but extremely dangerous.
  9. Do not drive slowly in the left, fast lane. You are only going to aggravate a rushed driver.
  10. Only use your horn in emergencies.

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