Make Dad Laugh On Father’s Day With Golf Humor

Brighten Dad’s Special Day With This Golf Humor

Father’s Day is almost here! Hopefully that means you have dad’s gift already dialed in, but you want to do everything you can to make his holiday extra special. Even if you can barely make your way around the links, a few dad-friendly jokes can make him laugh this weekend.

Put a smile on dad’s face for Father’s Day with this hilarious golf humor that pokes fun at all of the frustrations of golfing!

  • Sometimes it seems as though your cup moveth over.
  • Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.
  • You can hit a two acre fairway 10% of the time and a two inch branch 90% of the time.
  • A ball you can see in the rough from 50 yards away is not yours.
  • The shortest distance between any two points on a golf course is a straight line that passes directly through the center of a very large tree.
  • Every time golfers make a birdie, they must subsequently make two triple bogeys to restore the fundamental equilibrium of the universe.
  • If you want to hit a 7 iron as far as Tiger Woods does, simply try to lay up just short of a water hazard.
  • If there is a ball on the fringe and a ball in the bunker, your ball is in the bunker. If both balls are in the bunker, yours is in the footprint.
  • You probably wouldn’t look good in a green jacket anyway! A sweatshirt will do just fine.
  • Golf balls are like eggs. They’re white. They’re sold by the dozen. And you need to buy fresh ones each week.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! We hope you get a kick out of these jokes.  Relax on Sunday while you watch “The Open”.

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