Preparing Your Home For Travel Season

Safeguarding Your Home With These Helpful Tips 

Spring and summer travels are finally within arm’s reach. As you pack your bags, book the plane tickets, and prepare your itinerary, it is important that you give your home some attention too. Far too many homeowners leave for their trips without preparing their homes for the vacancy. Gathered are a few important tasks that you need to conquer before embarking on your next trip:

  • Entrust your neighbors and friends to help out. This means having them check up on your house and collect your mail so that your home does not scream open to criminals. They can also help to thwart break-ins by calling the authorities for you.
  • It is extremely wise to set your appliances on timers. When your lights and television are set to timers, your home always looks like someone is there, which can help to deter a burglar.
  • Before heading on your trip, make sure to conduct a little exterior maintenance. By trimming your hedges and shrubbery, you can make it harder for criminals to find a place to hide. This allows your entrusted neighbor to detect a problem and call the authorities sooner.
  • In today’s day and age, one of the biggest problems homeowners are faced with is inviting criminals into their homes via social media. No matter how excited you may be, it is important that you do not post a Facebook status with your vacation plans and dates. Criminals are much smarter than we assume, so your social media announcement may be all they need to learn of your home’s vacancy.

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