Insuring Your Home Based Business To The Fullest

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What Insurance Coverage Do I Need For My Home Office?

When times get tough, many of us look for simple alternatives that can help us save money. One area that many small business owners choose to sacrifice in order to maximize profits is transforming their guest room into a home office. While you may be inclined to view this as no harm done, your biggest investment may not be receiving the right protection with this move. We want your home-based business to be receiving unmatched protection, which is why we have gathered all the must-know information regarding insuring a business that operates out of your home:

  • If you choose to conduct business operations from your garage or free standing building, you will need to obtain “other structures” coverage. You will need to confirm adequate coverage under your homeowners’ insurance policy in order to feel confident about your security.
  • In the litigious society that we live in today, no one can afford to go without liability insurance. Unfortunately, many business owners that operate business from their homes fail to realize that having even one client visit their office leaves them extremely vulnerable to liability threats.  Some insurance companies will exclude claims stemming from a home based business pursuit. Rather than leaving your biggest investment in harm’s way, obtain liability insurance for your home-based business!
  • If your home is hit by a storm that leaves it inhabitable for an extended period of time, where will you conduct business operations? Many home based business owners fail to realize that they are still in need of business income interruption insurance since we can never be fully aware of a disaster’s arrival.

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