2015 Proving To Be A Year Of Safety For New Cars On The Road

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Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Picks for 2015

The recent release of the Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Picks for 2015 exceeded expectations on nearly all fronts. With 71 vehicles listed as Top Safety Picks for 2015, it is evident that new safety features and technological advancements are enhancing safety on the roads. The increase in safety of vehicles being manufactured today can be attributed to recommendations made by the Institute for Highway Safety. Gathered is all the must-know information:

  • Researchers worked diligently to determine that modifications work best when combined. Additionally, it is important that changes are made to the restraint system to effectively blend the modifications’ effects. Therefore, it is important to have all components analyzed when modifying a car.
  • Many manufacturers have gained favorable safety ratings simply by listening to recommendations of previous years to improve the safety component for back-seat occupants of vehicles. Hence the new option many manufacturers are implementing to equip your ride with inflatable safety belts in the rear seats. These inflated belts reduce the impact of chest injuries as they distribute the crash force to a wider range. These new safety belts also provide neck and back support, avoiding excessive motion.
  • It is important to note that the Institute for Highway Safety is on the brink of requiring changes to be made to the New Car Assessment Program, so that they can better focus their attention on rear-seat restraint systems.
  • Most importantly, safety is best achieved when distractions are eliminated, seat belts are worn, children are properly restrained in safety seats, and basic safe driving habits are implemented.

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