Tips For Successfully Going Green With Solar Panels

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Homeowner Action To Go Green

In hopes of reducing our carbon footprint, many homeowners have taken matters into their own hands and have started making efforts towards a greener life. In doing so, many have turned to solar panels due to the positive impact on the energy grid in combination with tax incentives. Additionally, many companies are offering leasing options that make solar panels that much more affordable. If you are thinking about going solar, consider these important aspects so that you can efficiently go green:

  • You will need to determine which is most economical – Going 100 percent solar or having a combination of electricity and solar power. This will be dependent on electricity costs.
  • Despite common disbelief, your roof has a large impact on your solar choices. Solar companies prefer to place panels on homes where the roof is south facing with a pitch of about 5 degrees.
  • It is important that you ask the solar company you will be working with if there is any potential vulnerability with installing solar panels on your roof. For example, is there a possibility of roof damage that may cause leaks?
  • You will want to ask how much power your solar energy system will generate in comparison to the amount of electricity it will produce.
  • Since the best way to go green is by implementing multiple energy-efficient measures, you will want to ask the solar company which are the most important green measures to follow.
  • Since you are investing a great deal into going green, you will want to know exactly what warranty is offered on the solar panel manufacturer.

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