It’s Football Season!

It is football season in Texas and who doesn’t want an easy to cook recipe for a dish that is great for a meal or snacks? Here is an slow cooker recipe for shredded or barbecue chicken that your guests will love and is crazy easy to fix.

Take four large frozen boneless, skinless, chicken breasts and put them in a slow cooker on low.

If you want shredded chicken, add a can of celery soup and chicken soup to the chicken and let cook for about six hours.

If you want shredded barbecue chicken add a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce and let cook for about six hours.

After the six hours, the chicken in both recipes ought to be tender enough to be torn apart with a fork as it is stirred in the slow cooker.

Whatever flavor you choose you will absolutely fall in love with this easy way to make shredded chicken or “pulled” barbecue chicken. Serve on mini-buns for a great snack or provide bigger buns for full sized sandwiches. Compliment with sliced pickles and macaroni salad and you are on your way!

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