Preparing for a Power Outage: Steps to Success in Darkness

With winter weather heading our way, it’s important that you turn your attention to preparing for a power outage.

We live in a technological age, so having the electricity to power our homes seems like a basic necessity at this point. The trouble is that when we suddenly find ourselves without power, we might not know how to protect our homes and our families. That is, unless we’re prepared.

To help you be ready for the possibility of a power outage this winter, here are some tips on preparing your home.

  • Have Heat: When you lose electricity, many will lose hot water. You’ll need hot water to do simple things like cook food and sanitize dishes and clothes, so have a backup plan ready. If you have a camping cooking mechanism – like a solar powered oven or a rocket stove – you’ll still be able to heat water.  You can always fire up the grill to heat a pan of water and cook your meals.
  • Fill Food Stores: Without power, the food in your fridge is only going to keep for a couple of hours, tops. Your freezer will last longer, provided it’s full of frozen items, so keep your freezer stocked. You can fill empty space with water bottles. Beside the food in your freezer, you’ll want to have a pantry with at least a week’s worth of nonperishable food.
  • Look at Light: You won’t want to do your evenings in the dark without power, so make sure you have plenty of candles and matches in your home. Battery operated lanterns will definitely come in handy here, too.

Power outages can come without any other accompanying issues, or they can be the result of a serious storm or natural disaster in your area. To be prepared in cases of the latter, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. We’ll use our carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance to get you the right North Texas homeowners insurance to be protected.