Red Light Cameras: Do You Love Them or Hate Them?

In an effort to boost their law enforcement capabilities, many municipalities have set up red light cameras at intersections to detect and keep track of lawbreakers who speed through red lights.

While some people see red light cameras as beneficial, keeping drivers more accountable and boosting revenue from traffic citations, others find that the technology is controversial.

On one hand, when motorists run through a red light and there isn’t a police officer in the vicinity to catch them, the community is at danger because the offender is still free to continue breaking the law. On the other hand, statistics show that rear-end collisions can increase at intersections that have these cameras because of over-cautious drivers. What’s more, critics complain that it’s better for a police officer to pull you over, rather than having an automated system issue a citation to the owner of the car, regardless of who was driving.

What’s your opinion on red light cameras? Are they a nuisance or a vital tool in keeping our streets safe?

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