Your Guide To Sharing The Road With School Buses

A few quick safety tips to help you share the road with buses this school year.  

As the summer comes to an end, we get ready to start another academic year. If you haven’t noticed the “back to school” sections taking over your local retailers, you will likely take note of the new year soon since big yellow buses will be back on the road!

To help you share the road with school buses, here are a few handy safety tips to utilize.       

  • Give Them Room: School buses make a lot of stops. When they do, if they turn on their flashing lights you are legally obligated to stop as well. To ensure you never have to slam on your brakes while driving behind a bus, leave a large amount of following space between your vehicle and the bus.
  • Slow Down: Even when school buses are not stopped to load or unload passengers, they are carrying precious cargo. Travel slowly when you are sharing the road with a school bus; getting to your destination a couple of minutes early is just not worth endangering so many young lives.
  • Share Well: Bus drivers already have a difficult job; do not make it harder for them by travelling in their blind spots. Also, make their lives easier by leaving them plenty of room to turn. Remember that a bus will need a wide berth to make a turn.

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