Improve Your Driving With These Smartphone Apps For Your Car

Learn how these smartphone apps for your car can make driving easier.

In our ever increasing digital world, it seems that nearly everyone has a smartphone. And with these smartphones, come apps for nearly everything, including driving. Whether you’re partial to Apple or Android, check out these smartphone apps for your car.

Gas Buddy

There’s nothing quite as irritating as filling up your gas tank to later drive by a second station with gas four cents cheaper. Fortunately, there’s an app to help prevent missing out on a great gas deal! Everyone wants to get a great deal, but when it comes to gas prices, it can be hard to determine which stations have the best prices. Gas Buddy has your solution. The app gathers gas prices from your area so that you can compare prices without having to drive around the neighborhood.

Repair Pal

Have trouble trusting your auto repair shop? Finding an affordable, honest mechanic can sometimes be quite the feat. Ensure that you pay the right price with Repair Pal. This app allows you to compare repair quotes in your area so that you know you’re getting a fair price. Be sure to check it out the next time your car needs servicing.


Sitting in traffic can be a headache. Be sure that you’re getting the fastest routes to your destination with Waze. This app uses the help of the community to navigate the best routes. Should there be an accident or traffic jam nearby, Waze will alert you and help you find an alternate route.

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