Sun Protection Strategies For Homeowners

Maximizing Shade In Your Backyard

Homeowners often do not realize how much sun exposure their yards receive until summer arrives. Since skin cancer is a top concern today, it becomes increasingly important to sustain sun protection for your backyard. Keep these helpful tips in mind to protect your loved ones and guests from the sun this summer.

Maintaining Sun Protection For Your Backyard:

  • Natural Shade Boosters – Why not use a natural element to incorporate shade in your backyard? There are certain trees that are labeled “shade trees” for a reason. Keep in mind that it takes years for trees to grow to their full potential, so you will want to research the fastest growing trees in your region. You can also utilize other shrubbery and planters (which are movable) to make a naturally shady yard.
  • Outdoor Structures – There are a few options available to homeowners for installing outdoor structures that enhance shady areas. The amount of UV protection provided will depend on the materials used in the outdoor structures. While tile, timber, and metal often offer nearly 100 percent UV protection, other materials may offer less. Be sure to do your research to determine which outdoor awnings or structures will best protect you and your family.
  • Design Elements – Have you ever thought about incorporating a unique design element to bring some shade into your backyard? Why not make a garden retreat that has an overhanging tree and canopy to provide you with shade? This is a great way to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home while also offering your yard more shade.

We hope these helpful tips assist you in your design remodels for incorporating shade into your backyard. Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency for all of your North Texas homeowners insurance needs. We can help you obtain homeowners insurance in Coppell, Carrollton, Frisco, Farmers Branch, Plano and all other North Texas suburbs that optimizes your home’s protection.