The more expensive the car- the more the insurance?

Those in the market for a new or even used vehicle may want to consider how their vehicle choice is going to affect their insurance premiums. There are many things about a car that can cause premiums to skyrocket and a car buyer may not be aware of how their car purchase will affect their insurance until after the purchase has been completed. Car buyers can avoid this scenario by educating themselves on how a vehicle affects their car insurance rates and checking with your insurance company beforehand to avoid an unwelcome surprise.

The more expensive a car is, the more expensive the insurance will be because the insurance has to cover the damages to the car. However, it may not be as much as an insurance carrier expects because those with more expensive cars also tend to take better care of them. The color of a car will also affect insurance premiums. Cars in flashy colors like bright red and yellow will cost more. Sportier cars like coupes and/or those that are high performance will also cost more than sedans.

Those interested in learning more about how their choice of car affects their insurance should contact the Mike Leonard Insurance Agency.