Update Your Home Inventory During Spring Cleaning

Update Your Home Inventory During Spring Cleaning- Mike Leonard InsuranceYou are tossing out the old so you can bring in the new during spring cleaning. While you are taking the old video console to the pawn shop and installing the new entertainment system, you should also be updating your home inventory list.

Your home inventory list is a detailed list of the electronics, furnishings and other valuables in your home. By creating this list, you know what you own in case a devastating fire, flood or burglary happens.   This list can make a claim with your insurance company over the missing or destroyed items much easier.

There are numerous ways to create a home inventory. Go through every room writing down an item’s make, serial number, and model number. You should also take video of the items to prove you actually owned them. Once you have the basic list created, you can update it every time you bring a new item into the home or toss out an old item into the garbage.

Store your home inventory in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box or home safe. You should also keep purchase documentation such as receipts, bank statements and credit card statements with your home inventory list. Knowing the prices of the items in your home allows you to purchase the right amount of insurance to cover all your things.  It will also be a big help in justifying value with your insurance company at the time of a claim.

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