Can You Improve Your Insurance Coverage by Switching Companies?

There is an old expression that the best time to get a raise is when you change jobs.

Similarly, the best time to increase and improve coverage is when you change insurance companies. There are some good reasons for this.

Rates may actually have gone down for some insurance coverage. Changing companies can alert you to this. In addition, some companies may have better coverage for less money in certain areas. One may offer better auto rates with a lower deductible. Others may offer homeowner’s insurance that provides higher coverage at a similar rate.

It is one of the reasons that working with an independent insurance agency can be so valuable. At Mike Leonard Insurance Agency we can search across company lines, finding the best coverage at the best prices. Sometimes you will find it of value to increase your coverage rather than pocket the savings. In other situations you may find that you can both increase your coverage and realize savings.

It starts by contacting Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. We can even get started by having you fill out a convenient, easy to use online form. There is no cost, no obligation. See if there is better coverage at a better price waiting for you at the Mike Leonard Insurance Agency.