One Storm, Two Deductibles. How to Avoid Double Deductibles

Bad storms, like we’ve seen in recent news, can cause extensive damage not only to your home but to your auto as well. For instance, high winds can cause a tree to fall on both the house and any vehicles parked nearby. Or, rising flood waters can damage your home and at the same time sweep your car away.

Though they don’t happen often, simultaneous losses like these can occur. When it happens, most insurance companies will file two separate claims; one for the damages to the home, one for the loss of the vehicle. Two claims usually means you will be required to pay two deductibles.

There are, however, some insurance companies that charge just one deductible, yet cover both auto and home, when the damages are the result of a common storm. Mike Leonard Insurance Agency deals with these companies. We can help you obtain a policy that won’t double charge your deductible, and will still provide the necessary coverage with affordable premiums. Contact us today for more information!