Know How Dangerous Distracted Driving Really Is & Protect Yourself with Car Insurance in Frisco, TX

Stay focused on the road to prevent distracted driving and protect yourself with car insurance in Frisco.

We often forget that driving a car is risky business. A few thousand pounds of steel at high speeds can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly. That’s why it’s important to drive safely and responsibly. However, in our busy world, multitasking is king, and distracted driving is on the rise. From texting to snacking, any time you spend distracted from the road is dangerous and sometimes even deadly. Stay focused when driving and protect yourself with car insurance in Frisco. Check out these facts about how dangerous distracted driving really is.

  • Every day nine people are killed in traffic accidents caused by distracted driving in the United States.
  • Using a cellphone while driving is a big no-no. While most people know that it’s dangerous, 49 percent of adults have gotten into the habit of texting and driving. In fact, probability dictates that one in four accidents will be caused by cellphone use.
  • Young adults are the biggest culprits of distracted driving. People between ages 21 and 24 were most likely than any other age group to use their cellphones while operating a vehicle.
  • The average adult has two seconds to take their eyes off the road and continue to drive safely. However, it generally takes people about five seconds to send a text message. That means that there are three whole seconds where anything and everything can go wrong.
  • The definition of distracted driving isn’t limited to using a cellphone. Anything that takes your attention off the road is considered distracted driving. Eating a snack, texting, listening to music, talking to passengers, or programming your GPS are all examples of distracted driving.

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