New Texas Law: Cell Phone Image, Valid Proof Of Drivers Insurance

For years, people would fumble around to try and find proof of insurance when they were pulled over. They would check their wallet, their glove box, and everywhere else, only to be ticketed when they couldn’t find it.

Beginning October 1, Texans will be able to show proof of auto insurance on their cellular phone. As long as a person can display all of the pertinent information for an officer to note, then it is just as legal as showing a paper insurance card.

All drivers in the state of Texas are required to maintain a minimum of liability insurance to cover damages if they are in an accident. The law passed was a way to bring Texas into the 21st century with all of the updated technology. The valid insurance policy can be seen on the mobile phone. If a person tries to counterfeit their insurance, the information is still subject to verification, which means the individual can still be caught.

Texas is now one of 27 states in the country that makes it possible to show proof of insurance on a cell phone.

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