Protect Your Holiday with these Steps for Preventing Fires from Christmas Trees!

Don’t let your holiday become too bright; use this guide to preventing fires from Christmas trees!

When it comes time to decorate for the holidays, a tree serves as your centerpiece. The lights you string on it bring a warm glow to your home, and the ornaments you hang from its boughs likely represent past holiday memories you still treasure today. The problem is that a tree can all too quickly become a large piece of kindling right in the middle of your home! Use this guide on preventing fires from Christmas trees to ensure your holiday stays merry and not too bright.

  • Test your Tree. Before you bring a tree home, make sure it’s fresh. Use the bounce test to find out if your tree is too dry. If a shower of needles falls off, you should look for another tree. Also, look for needles that resist being pulled off and don’t break when bent between your fingers.
  • Trim your Tree. Before you trim your tree décor-wise, literally trim it. Cut a half inch off the bottom of the trunk so it can best absorb water, and then make sure it has the water it needs! A freshly cut tree can drink as much as a gallon of water each day in the first few days home.
  • Top your Tree. As you decorate your tree, be thoughtful before you set anything on its boughs. Check your light strands for broken bulbs or frayed wires, and avoid decorating with candles anywhere near your tree. Then, turn off all lights at night!

Our hope is that this guide will help you prevent Christmas tree-related fires altogether, but accidents do happen. Should you face a home fire this holiday season, your homeowners insurance in Coppell, TX can step in – provided you have the right policy. To make sure your North Texas home is covered, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. We’ll help you choose the right policy from our distinguished carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance.