Summer Heat Causing Automobile Trouble In North Texas

The recent heat wave in north Texas has left many people struggling to stay cool. From spending the day at the Marine Creek Park Pool in Fort Worth to visiting one of the Salvation Army cooling centers to staying indoors with the air conditioner blasting, Texans are fighting the heat any way they can.

While the high summer temperatures are causing people to seek out any way to cool down, it is also causing havoc to many cars and their drivers, causing many vehicles to break down across the metroplex. Finding themselves stranded on the side of the road in the heat is a dangerous outcome for drivers.

When temperatures pick up, your vehicle’s cooling system strains to keep your car’s engine from overheating. Automotive experts warn to stay prepared by keeping an eye on your vehicle’s temperature gauge. Not anticipating a problem in your cooling system is one of the biggest problems. As the soon as the gauge indicates your engine is running hotter than usual, stop and have your cooling system checked. If you continue to drive your car, it could cause serious engine damage. Maintaining your cooling system is a lot less expensive than having to shell out $1500 to $2500 for a blown engine.

In addition to keeping an eye on your cooling system, mechanics caution that you should keep your tires properly inflated and balanced. In addition to improving your gas mileage, low tire pressure can become a safety issue, as they are more prone to blow out due to heat issues. Regular oil changes are also recommended as a cost-effective way to avoid unexpected mechanical breakdowns during hot weather. Overall, proper maintenance of your vehicle, including hoses, belts and transmission, is the best way to prevent against heat-induced car problems when temperatures soar past the century mark.

Don’t forget the importance of being covered by a strong auto insurance policy. For more information about how to protect your vehicle during extreme weather conditions, contact the Mike Leonard Insurance Agency.